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Magic 1D

Magic 1D software is an integrated image capture program with powerful data analysis capabilities. It covers 1-D gel molecular weight and mass determination, colony counting, microtiter plate analysis and spot densitometry calculation, and is combined with traceable image enhancement function. Few simple steps will quickly get reliable results. A 3D color display, X-axis comparison and smiling gels correction feature provides the researcher with visual clarity for enhanced comparison in data analysis. Support with most common file formats such as Tiff, BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PCX, TGA is available.

The Magic 1D package comes with powerful analysis functions, integrated with a system control package for the KETA series in desktop PC.



Magic 1D controls the fully motorized KETA series imaging system through friendly controlling interface, and equips with powerful image enhancing functions, including 8-16 bits pixel depth simulation, color adjustment, notation, background subtraction, cropping, rotation, blending, and 3-D image simulation. All image processing can be traced step by step. Multi image formats, such as JPG, BMP, JPEG, DFN, TIFF, PCX, GIF, and TGA, were supported. For analysis categories, there have four major applications: band tool 1-D, colony counting, microtiter plate analysis and spot density calculation. Software package was protected with unique USB Key-pro.

Controlling Interface

1. Motorized Lens setting
2. 5 position changeable filter wheel
3. Multi light source switches
4. Auto sample stage control
5. Binning function activation
6. Gain value setting

Band tool functions

1. Automatic data analysis with one click
2. Gel MW/ Mass determination, lane profile aligns with lane image, smiling gel identification and correction.
3. Signal intensity integration
4. Specialized X-axis bands analysis function
5. Image profile & 3-D display
6. pH value simulation
7. Reference image supported
8. Relative sample amount calibration

Colony counting

1. Auto colony define
2. Transfection efficiency calculation

Microtiter plate analysis

1. User defined sample wells analysis
2. Densitometry analysis

Spot density calculation

1. Densitometry analysis
2. Iso-electric point simulation
3. Regular/irregular shape spots definition
4. Auto Rf value calculation

Minimum computer requirement:
Pentium IV-2.6 GHz, 1G RAM with English version Windows XP/ VISTA/ 7 system or above, USB (2.0) supported. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corp. Windows and Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 are trademarks of Microsoft, Inc.


  • JPG, BMP, JPEG, DFN, TIFF, PCX, GIF, TGA format compatible

  • Automatic data analysis within a second

  • Traceable image enhancement function

  • Lane profile aligns with lane image

  • Intelligent colony counting

  • Comprehensive microtiter plate analysis

  • Spot density calculation

  • Identification ability of smiling gel

  • Specialized X-axis bands analysis function

  • Image profile & 3-D display

Ordering Information 

Catalog Number Description
1153001 Magic 1D gel analysis software for single user key only
1153002 Magic 1D gel analysis software for three user keys


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Magic 1D

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