Vertical Electrophoresis System
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V-GES, the midi vertical electrophoresis system, comprises with tank, electrode module, casting module, and optional blotting module. Electrophoresis tank was built by injection mode technology. Special anti-leak rubber and clasp-release design guarantee leakage free while gel casting. Three thicknesses spacers, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0mm, and two types comb, 10 and 15 well are available. V-GES is specialized designed for running two gels simultaneously. The system provides the minimal change in temperature on electrophoresis and no extra cooling device needed. ELITE series are recommended power supplies for combination as a perfect electrophoresis system.

Gel size (mm) 100 x 80 (W x H)
Gel thickness (mm) 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.0
Sponge size (mm) -
Applicable number of samples 10 to 30
Number of gels 1 or 2 gels
Transfer capability -
Blotter module -
Buffer requirement (ml) -
Upper buffer volume (ml) 250 to 300
Lower buffer volume (ml) 500 to 1,400
Cassette dimensions (mm) -
Distance cathode to anode -
Electrode module w/ platinum wire For 1 or 2 gels operation*
Casting module 2 sets for gel casting*
Glass plate 5 sets
Selectable comb teeth 10/15 teeth
Comb thickness (mm) 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.0
Physical dimensions (mm) 200 x 130 x 165 (W x D x H)
Weight (kg) 3
Certification CE
Recommend Power Supply ELITE 200 / 300 / 300PLUS / 600U
The spec is subject to change without prior notice.

Clasp-release design* is the patent of Wealtec Bioscience

Patent No.: M277920/ ZL 2005 2 0009035.8 / Nr. 20 2005 005 050.4 / 2005-002015 /US 7,5,44,279 B2


  • Interchangeable module for SDS-PAGE electrophoresis and blotting

  • Sufficient buffer with no need for extra cooling device

  • Sandwich cassette assembly clamps for blotting

  • Capable of transferring two gels simultaneously

  • Anti-leakage clasp-release gel casting module

  • Designed for protein and DNA electrophoresis

  • Easy handling and no maintenance design

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description
1031101 V-GES (0.5mm) complete system, system includes electrode module, electrophoresis tank, casting module / 2 set, 0.5mm 10 teeth comb / 2pcs
1031102 V-GES (0.75mm) complete system, system includes electrode module, electrophoresis tank, casting module / 2 set, 0.75mm 10 teeth comb/2pcs
1031103 V-GES (1.0mm) complete system, system includes electrode module, electrophoresis tank, casting module / 2 set, 1.0mm 10 teeth comb / 2pcs


V-GES vertical electrophoresis tank
Mini V-GES for Precast Gels
Application Note
Transfer Efficiency of E-Blotter
DNA Fragments Separation via Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System
Technical Bulletin
V-GES operation
E-Blotter operation

V-GES Casting Module
V-GES Casting module, module includes V-GES casting module without tank and glass plate set, 1 set
Electrode module
V-GES Electrode module, module include V-GES electrode module without tank, 1 set
E-Blotter Electrode module
E-Blotter Electrode module, module includes black & red electrode plate in cassette holder, blotter cassette/ 2 sets, blotting sponge/ 1pkg, Blotting paper/ 1pkg, without tank.
V-GES glass plate set
V-GES glass plate set, set includes thick glass plate/ 5pcs, U-shape glass plate/ 5pcs
Thick glass plate
Thick glass plate 100x130mm, 5pcs
U-shape glass plate
U-shape glass plate 100x130mm, 5pcs
V-GES spacers 0.5mm
0.5mm V-GES spacer 15x100mm, 2pcs
V-GES spacers 0.75mm
0.75mm V-GES spacer 15x100mm, 2pcs
V-GES spacers 1.0mm
1.0mm V-GES spacer 15x100mm, 2pcs
Comb 0.5mm 10-teeth (V-GES)
0.5mm 10-teeth comb for V-GES, 1pcs
Comb 0.5mm 15-teeth (V-GES) (V-GES)
0.5mm 15-teeth comb for V-GES, 1pcs
Comb 0.75mm 10-teeth (V-GES)
0.75mm 10-teeth comb for V-GES, 1pcs
Comb 0.75mm 15-teeth (V-GES)
0.75mm 15-teeth comb for V-GES, 1pcs
Comb 1.0mm 10-teeth (V-GES)
1.0mm 10-teeth comb for V-GES, 1pcs
Comb 1.0mm 15-teeth (V-GES)
1.0mm 15-teeth comb for V-GES, 1pcs

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