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YRDIMES Semi-Dry Blotter

Yrdimes, fast blotting device for agarose and protein gel, comprises with unique bi-directional force* design which use eight pieces spring to get most even force during the blotting process. Completed with stainless steel and platinum plated titanium plate electrodes, as worked with ELITE 200 power supply, Yrdimes provides stable electric field allowing a single layer of four side-by-side mini gels or a maximum up to 18 x 20cm gel or capable of transferring up to three stacking layers of polyacrylamide gels. It’s time saving for single or multiple blotting. Applied with proper buffer, transfer can be completed within 7 minutes.
*Bi-directional force is the patent of Wealtec Bioscience.

Gel size (mm) Max. 4 pieces 100 x 80
Electrode size 205 x 205 mm with 1mm thickness
Transfer area (mm) 180 x 200
Anode Platinum plated on titanium plate
Cathode 316 stainless steel plate
Minimum transfer time 7 minutes
Force apply Simultaneously up & down force by 8 springs*
Cable High efficiency black & red cable
Physical dimensions (mm) 225 x 225 x 85 (W x D x H)
Weight (kg) 1.2
Operating environment Temp:0-40°C, Humidity: 10-90% R.H. Non-condensing
Certification CE
Recommended power supply ELITE 200 / ELITE 200U
The spec is subject to change without prior notice.

Bi-directional force is the patent of Wealtec Bioscience.

*Patent No.:217120 / 2001-001686 / US 6,592,734 B2


  • Less than one hour electrode-transferring for polyacrylamide gels

  • Reliable low cost semi-dry apparatus in the market

  • Fast western blotting protocol less than 7 minutes

  • Easy to clean and assemble device in the market

  • Long life anti-corrosive electrode

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description
1073001 Yrdimes, Semi-dry transfer system, 120V (Includes ELITE 200 Power Supply)
1073002 Yrdimes, Semi-dry transfer system, 230V (Includes ELITE 200 Power Supply)
1073003 Yrdimes, Semi-dry transfer unit


YRDIMES semi-dry blotter
Application Note
Fast Semi-Dry Transfer System with Yrdimes
Technical Bulletin
The optimal condition of Yrdimes semi-dry blotter
Efficiency Comparison of Wet and Semi-dry Blotting


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