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Can I order/ receive products outside the U.S.?

Wealtec delivers products to most countries in the world. However, the online order delivery would be limited to North America only. If you would like to order from countries other than the U.S., please contact our sales at

Why can't I see anything on the download pages?

Please renew the website page.
If you still cannot see contents on the download pages, pls. contact us by or

Why can't I receive the confirmation letter to activate my account?

Please go to LOG IN page and then click the "Resend Confirmation Letter?" to retry the dispatch.
Also pls. check your Spam/Trash letter folders to see if there is a mail subject "Welcome to Wealtec".
If you've retried several times but still never receive the confirmation letter, write your request to and we'll process your account as soon as possible.